The People Behind

The People Behind Soma




Andrea Marchesini bakunin_at_somasuite_dot_org Project Leader, Coder, Maintainer, Author of man pages, Documentations, Web Site
Lorenzo Cassulo arlan_at_somasuite_dot_org Ergonomic interfaces, Beta Tester
mkt0 mkt0_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester, Logo of SomaX
Elfo elfo_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester, Documentation
Snagg snagg_at_somasuite_dot_org SomaControllerKit author
Urza urza_at_somasuite_dot_org EN translator
Giskard giskard_at_somasuite_dot_org Debian maintainer of somaplayer
lesion lesion_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester
megabug megabug_at_somasuite_dot_org MegaDebugger :)
quique quique_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester, ES translator
Guillaume Rousse rousse_at_somasuite_dot_org Mandrake Maintainer
Gianluca Faletti kino_at_somasuite_dot_org Logos
aistu aistu_at_somasuite_dot_orc Logo of SomaPlayer
jigen kigen_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester
l3chuck l3chuck_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester
otted otted_at_somasuite_dot_org Old Web Site and graphics
subvertao subvertao_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester
bomboclat bomboclat_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester
lucror lucror_at_somasuite_dot_org Beta Tester
knom knom_at_somasuite_dot_org Translator and man pages author
zanzara apemaia_at_somasuite_dot_org Translator